Welcome to Shankar Treks !

We are going to visit Kailash; do you want to join us ?

Isn't this how every pilgrimage starts ? The idea is initiated by a friend you trust and who does not treat you like a 'customer'.

Shankar Treks aims to create a similar context for you. Most staff of Shankar Treks are volunteers who are also gainfully employed elsewhere. This activity ensures that we visit Kailash multiple times and along the way we get an opportunity to serve many first timers.


More Destinations !

Our tour of SriLanka covers Seven Legendary Shiva Temples, Ancient Subramanya Shrines and Two Shakthi Peetas, apart from the regular Ramayana Trail and beach & resort stays.

The Ancient Temples of South East Asia tour covers Angkor Wat & Kulen Falls with 1000's of Shivalingas in Cambodia, picturesque temples of Bali and shrines in Vietnam with a serene cruise in Halong Bay. This tour can be extended to HongKong & Thailand.

Our tours to Europe are geat value for money. We cover all attractions, ensure vegetarian meals and include all expenses. We even refund for non-use of any tickets and meals.

Call us or write to us, if you get a feeling of comfort and trust, lets plan our Kailash Yatra and other destinations together.